統合量子素子研究室について (about the Lab)




* 量子グラフ理論に基づいた統合量子素子における新奇量子現象の探求
* ミストCVD法を用いた統合量子素子の作製と電子物性評価
* 近接場光を用いた統合量子素子の光学特性の評価と量子光学素子への応用


* 量子グラフ理論を用いた統合量子素子の素子パラメータ設計手法の確立と、作製手順や評価手法などのノウハウの蓄積
* 2次元以上の量子グラフおよび周期的な構造や高次の入れ子構造を持った量子グラフにおける新奇な量子現象の発見
* ミストCVDを用いた薄膜形成における成長反応メカニズムの解明と反応場雰囲気の制御、さらに多様な材料を用いた量子ナノ構造体の生成手法の確立
* 近接場光理論を用いた光波に対する統合量子素子の理論解析手法の確立
* 統合量子素子を用いた高機能な電子波フィルタや光学フィルタ、波動制御素子の開発
* 統合量子素子に対して透明電極を通じて外部から電気信号を送ることで、電子波や光波を動的に制御できる統合量子素子の開発


Three research groups in quest of the microscopic world of quantum mechanics, theoretical physics, quantum optics, hyperfine microfabrication, had met under the southern breeze, and the Laboratory of Unified Quantum Devices was born at the Research Institute of Kochi University of Technology.

Pulling out the seeds with unexpected shine of new technology from the deep well of mysterious quantum world. Rowing out to the dangerous quantum blue ocean leaving the safe sea frequented by giant ships: That is what we aim at UQD Lab.

Recent years have observed the emergence of the technologies to accurately produce nano-size microstructures, and also their potential usage for the next-generation device that directly control the motions of photons and electrons. We conduct the research of the "unified quantum devices" that combine plural quantum nano-structures within region of the size below the wavelength of electron and photon waves. †We focus upon the following three subjects, in order to explore the highly functional quantum devices, both from theoretical and experimental perspectives:

* The exploration of novel and exotic quantum phenomena in unified quantum device based on the quantum graph theory
* The experimental realization of unified quantum decvices with the MIST-CVD technique, and The evaluation of their electronic properties
* The evaluation of the optical properties of unified quantum devices with the use of near-field light technique, and the exploration of their application to the photonic quantum devices

With these researches, we intend to build a center of excellence in the research of quantum theories and experiments at Kochi University of Technology.

We expect to obtain following results in five to ten years period

* The establishment of design principle of device parameters of unified quantum devices based on the quantum graph theory, and the accumulation of the know-how for their manufacturing and evaluation techniques
* The discovery of novel quantum phenomena in quantum graph systems with periodic and self-similar structures in two and higher dimensions
* The elucidation of growth reaction mechanism and the control of the reaction field atmosphere in the thin film formation in MIST-CVD technique, and the establishment of the method of quantum nanostructure generation with varied materials
* The establishment of theoretical analysis for UQD irradiated with near-field light
* The development of functional filters and wavefunction control devices for electron and photon by using UQD
* The Development of electrically-controllable UQD for manipulating electron and photon wavefunction

With these research and development, we hope to make a definite contribution to the world-wide development of next generation highly functional devices.

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