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* Professor
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* Graduate School
* Undergraduate Student
* Past Stuff
* Aim * Control Basic
* Control EnineeringⅠ * Control EnineeringⅡ
* Introduction to Robotics * Robot Intelligence
* Control Theory Special * Basic Experiment
* Semina * Comprehensivization Class
* Report Meeting of Results
* Robot showdown
Theory construction
* Systematization of distance type fuzzy reasoning method
* Safety control method for medical and welfare care robots
* Dynamic Intelligence of Mobile Robots Based on Discrete Information
* Basic research about intracranial higher cognitive functions
* Design method of biological information feedback control system
* Rubber string type associative memory algorithm
* High-speed learning algorithm to freely define the learning error
* Creativity cultivation method by combining the robot and comic
* Path generation and trajectory planning method of the intelligent model robot
* Development of family doctor system
Development of system
* Research facilities
* Automatic transportation robot system for construction materials
* Agricultural work support robot system
* Omni-directional walking training robot
* Health promotion four-legs horse robot
* Intelligent electric wheelchair with health promotion function
* Massage robot system
* Autonomous guide robot
* Non-directional robot
* Multiform robot system
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Many kinds of prizes have be awarded based on ours study results to date. We will try our very best to do the research encouraged by the prizes to do.
Our laboratory have developed some soft ware such as: inference engine and home care system and so on.
*Human inference engineering
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We do the researches which can be used for Intelligence type human friendly robot, we think these researches have the connection with contribution to wide range of field such as: public services, medical care, welfare, daily life and so on.
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* Cherry Blossom Party
* Year-end Party
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